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What is a loan modification lead?

A real Loan Modification lead is a homeowner in fear of foreclosure who is seeking help with a loan modification by filling a form out online. They are typically drawn to our site after viewing an advertisement, finding our site through search results or receiving an email. The advertisement will direct them to our website where they may choose to fill out the online form. After answering a few fields of information it is submitted to our database. The lead will then be filtered, verified, and sent to the appropriate Loan Modification service provider.

Our leads are generated through top Internet marketing techniques. We utilize techniques such as search engine marketing through google, web portal marketing on sites such as AOL and yahoo, email marketing, and we advertise on popular sites such as classmates.com and interest.com.

Once you have received a Loan Modification lead it is important to call the lead as soon as possible, as many leads are semi-exclusive this means you may not be the only broker calling on the lead. The sooner you can contact the homeowner the better chances you have to closing a deal. As time is often a factor in their situations. If you have a difficult time reaching them by phone an email will be your next best option.Bottom line, our Loan Modification leads work as they are real people looking for help!

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